RIP Alexander McQueen

You will be greatly missed.



These are my three entries for Laura of lunasupernova.blogspot.com's blog contest.
I have a folder on my computer where I keep the best pictures I find.
All three of these are fom there.


The first one is my favorite.



lookbook of the day

by Frida J., 16 year old Student and blogger from Kungälv


please comment if you would like this to be taken off!

this is love, and i want that dress.


beautiful things

in the las vegas chanel store (ph by me)

ebay 80's brogues

urban outfittes catologue


the color of a cherry tootsie pop

new shoes via ebay. croc doc martens. 5.00 plus shipping. i win.


wish list

I really liked the look of this after seeing it on blogger Lucy [smashtheteacups.blogspot.com] and I think it would be a very versatile and comfortable. American Aparrel; 30.00 USD

I love crop tops. I have a floral BDG one and I LOVE it. I don't wear it as a crop top; its too long on my short frame. It fits like a baggy top and ends at my hips. American Apparel; 16.00 USD

I LOVE THIS. Its so beautiful and shiny and twirly and perfect. I envision this with ballet tights and a lace camisole. American Apparel; 48.00 USD

The perfect winter-white leggings. Forever 21; ~5.00 USD

I have these in black. I love them. They are versatile and comfortable and I love the schoolgirl vibe! Urban Outfitters; 28.00 USD

Saddle shoes are such a classic. I've wanted a pair for a long time. These are made of soft-looking leather and in my opinion their just beautiful. Urban Outfitters; 48.00 USD
Cowboy boots are so wonderful. I don't know why but I just love them. Laredo; 87.00 USD
I have loved these tights after seeing them on blogger Rebecca at theclothes.blogspot.com. Their whimsical but polished. Tabio; 8.00 in British pounds

No explanation needed. Amazon; 14.58 USD
I don't need this but i think it would be fun to read. lucky is one of my favorite magazines and this looks interesting! Amazon; 19.80 USD

a new beginning

I got so bored with my old blog so I changed everything. I deleted all of the posts and I am excited to start again!